Online Agenda




Plan new appointments wherever you are. No client walks away without you being sure that the next appointment is booked. No more losing time and clients!


Key features:


  • Book, cancel and edit appointments
  • Switch between day or week view
  • Available offline!
  • Upcoming appointments.



With our iPad app you have access to all your clients in the palm of your hand. Look at your clients progression and details within 30 sec of the start of the appointment.


Key features:


  • Quick overview of all your clients
  • See all general information from your clients
  • Contact details within reach
  • Add specific client notes

Video Analysis Tool


Our app includes a free video analysis tool with all the features the major analysis tools provide put together. Analyse your clients movement and upload it straight to their account for free.


Key features:


  • Smart tools like free lines, circels, squares, angle calculation and more
  • Compare two video’s next to eachother or in overlay
  • Set video speed for slow-motion analysis
  • Record your personal instructions with the voice-over tool.

Media sharing with clients


Add media to your clients account and built a history of everything you have done with them. You can upload media directly to your clients without any extra costs. Your clients can relive the last appointment whenever they want.


Key features:


  • Send video’s photo’s or PDF files to your clients
  • Upload from local library (Choose the analysis software you want!)
  • Upload PDF’s from tools like: Trackman, Flightscope, SAM PuttLab etc
  • Send items as homework, advice or just for fun.



Check back on all the activity in your client database. Don’t remember how bookings went with a specific client? Look it up in your personal logbook.


Key features:


  • All client activity logged in one place
  • Easy search function
  • Always up to date
  • Quick link to client information

Adding clients


Add a new client with a few simple clicks. The new client will be directly added to your client database and will be ready for your next appointment, analysis or personal message.


Key features:


  • Invite new clients (Clients can complete regsitration later)
  • Register new clients (Let your clients register on the go)
  • Keep your client database up to date
  • Know your clients and store all their important information


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