The Definitve Guide to Membership Marketing


The Definitive Guide to Membership Marketing

5th April 2017 \\ Club Management

The Definitive Guide to Membership Marketing is the missing guide they never handed you when you became a General manager, membership director or joined the membership committee at your club. Inside you’ll find advice from industry experts, best practices, little known secrets and proven tactics to help you build your club’s membership in a sustainable way. The foreword was written by industry legends Rick Coyne and Gregg Patterson.


For years, marketing has been a dirty word in the private club industry. This book aims to change that perception. Inside, you’ll learn how you can build your membership without the need to discount or cheapen your offering in any way. By following the steps inside the book, you’ll actually begin to build the club’s reputation and brand value as you reach more prospects.


The pre-order for the book sold out and it was officially released on March 31st, 2017. It can be purchased on Amazon and booksellers worldwide.


The book was written by Gabriel Aluisy, founder of the Private Club Agency and host of the weekly hit podcast, Private Club Radio. Gabriel has been featured in Entrepreneur®, NBC, iHeart Radio, and many other leading publications for his work in the membership and marketing fields. In addition he’s a sought after speaker on the subject of building private club membership and marketing to the millennial generation. His keynotes have included the PCMA National Conference, The FLCMAA Club Summit, the Asia Pacific Golf Summit and many regional events. He is a graduate of American University’s School of Communication.


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